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Time for a TV upgrade? This stunning television from Skyworth is just what you need. The OLED technology brightly and efficiently lights up the screen to make the most out of each pixel. What is OLED? Rather than a back panel that shines bright light through thousands of pixel filters, each individual pixel has the power to self-illuminate, for less color bleeding and greater contrasts than ever before. The results include darker blacks and more dazzling colors than LED televisions can offer, letting you watch the most realistic video footage on the market in lifelike detail. It's also got Android TV built right in – with the amazing Google Assistant, Chromecast, Google Play Store at your beck and call, you can watch all the content you love and play your favorite games, plus search and control your TV with just the power of your voice.

Key Features and Benefits:

    OLED TV technology use Organic Light Emitting Diodes that displays a bright picture with deep black levels, vivid colors with higher contrast and faster refresh rates than other TV technologies. OLED TVs are also thinner allowing a very attractive and less bulky looking design.
  • Pixel dimming
    The OLED panel technology allows each pixel to control its brightness independently from other pixels. Since each OLED pixel is an independent light source, it self- illuminates the image with precise details.
  • Chameleon Extreme technology
    Chameleon Extreme is Skyworth's advanced picture improvement technology. It intelligently optimizes contrast, details, and color tones to deliver the perfect picture.
  • HDR10 and HLG HDR support
    HDR10 is the original standard of HDR for Hollywood video production that is compatible with 4K Blu-ray discs, 4K players, and 4K streaming content. HLG is the broadcast standard for live HDR production.

Skyworth 65" OLED Smart TV

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