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Electronics Rental At Majik

Electronics are an amazing addition to any household that likes to host family members and entertain friends. From televisions, gaming consoles, audio systems, cameras, video systems, and smart devices, high-quality electronics can help you live a fun, exciting life! At Majik Rent-to-Own, we carry the industry’s most popular electronics brands including LG, Samsung, Nintendo, Xbox, Bose, Yamaha, and so much more! So, go ahead and call up your friends for a game night – we’ve got you covered with the electronics equipment! The best part is, all of our customers are automatically approved to rent to own any electronic appliance of their choice, no credit check required.

Need a new smart TV to binge Netflix on? It’s yours for $12.99 per week! Or a new Nintendo Switch so you can play games with all your friends? Go ahead – it’s only $14.99 per week! We have all of that at Majik Rent-to-Own, plus some more. And with our convenient payment plans, you can start enjoying your new electronics right away. If you choose to join our Majik+ benefits plan, you’ll get even more perks like paid-out product service protection, discount health and wellness services, and everyday savings on groceries, gas, and roadside assistance! It’s easy to become a member, just visit a Majik store, join Majik+ benefits, and start saving today!

Majik Rent-to-Own is a family owned company based in Lancaster, PA and founded in 1984. Although we began as a video rental company, we have since evolved and now we rent furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics, computers, and seasonal products to a wide variety of people all over central Pennsylvania! There are plenty of reasons to rent electronics at Majik Rent-to-Own, including flexible payment plans, free delivery and set up services, free repairs, and the ability to update your technology at any time, no questions asked. In short, we want our customers to always have a 5-star experience with us. Come visit us and see for yourself!

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